The Role of Vacuum Oil Filter in Transformer Maintenance

With the development of the economy and social progress, people’s demand for electricity is increasing day by day. For enterprises and individuals, what is needed is not only sufficient power resources, but also a stable power supply, so it is very important to ensure a stable power supply. The maintenance of transformers that guarantee power supply is an important part of the daily work of power companies. The use of vacuum oil filtration technology to overhaul the transformer can improve the operational stability of the transformer and increase its service life.

Brief introduction of transformer oil

During the operation of the transformer, the transformer oil is a flowing liquid, and the functions of the transformer oil mainly include the following aspects:

1. Transformer oil has good insulating properties.

The insulating strength of transformer oil is greater than that of air. After the oil tank is filled with oil, the insulating material in the transformer is placed in the oil, which can improve the insulating strength of the transformer and play a better insulating role than air. This prevents short-circuit accidents due to poor insulation. Transformer oil can also insulate wood and paper, and has an anti-corrosion effect on metal so that the transformer can maintain good insulation.

2. Transformer oil has the function of heat dissipation and cooling.

Transformer oil has a larger specific heat capacity than water. That is to say, transformer oil has better heat dissipation performance, which can not only ensure that the transformer will not overheat during operation but also ensure the safe and stable operation of the transformer. In addition, the transformer oil can absorb the heat of the winding and the iron core during operation and play a cooling role.

An arc may be generated during the operation of the transformer, and the arc will damage the components in the transformer and reduce the service life of the transformer. Due to the good heat dissipation performance of the transformer oil, the arc can be extinguished at the fastest speed to avoid faults caused by the arc.

Transformer oil plays an important role in maintaining the safe and stable operation of transformers. In order to maintain the function of the transformer oil, the purity of the transformer oil must be guaranteed. The vacuum filtration of transformer oil is the basis for transformer maintenance work.

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How the vacuum oil filtration process works

(1) Working system

In the process of cleaning transformer oil, vacuum oil filtration technology is a relatively popular process at present. The purpose of vacuum oil filtration is to remove impurities and moisture generated during the operation of the transformer oil, so as to ensure the normal and safe operation of the transformer.

The main process of vacuum oil filtration is to heat the transformer oil that needs to be treated in a vacuum environment to evaporate water, so as to achieve the purpose of oil and gas separation.

(2) Working principle

The working principle of the vacuum oil purifier is to heat the oil under high vacuum conditions so that the internal water can be vaporized and separated. The specific process is that the vacuum pump draws out the air in the vacuum tank to form a vacuum, and the external oil enters the prefilter through the inlet pipe to remove larger particles. Then the oil enters the heating tank and is heated to 45~60℃. The heated oil is separated into a semi-mist by the rapid rotation of the jet wing, and the water in the oil is rapidly evaporated into water vapor and continuously sucked into the condenser by the vacuum pump. The water vapor entering the condenser is cooled and then released. The oil in the vacuum heating tank is discharged into the fine filter by the oil discharge pump, and the particulate impurities are filtered out through the filter element. Thus, the process of removing impurities, moisture, and gas in the oil by the vacuum oil filter is completed, so that the clean oil is discharged from the oil outlet. Finally, the purpose of degassing, dehydrating, and filtering impurities of transformer oil is achieved.

Effect of Vacuum Oil Filtration Technology on Transformer Maintenance Work

In transformer oil, moisture has the greatest adverse effect on transformers. Generally speaking, the moisture in transformer oil mainly comes from infiltration during production and transportation or infiltration during installation, as well as moisture generated by oxidation of transformer oil during transformer operation.

Moisture in the transformer oil will cause the transformer oil to conduct electricity, which will cause the transformer to leak and reduce the service life of other insulating fibers. At the same time, the moisture in the transformer oil will also make the metal parts in the transformer rust and oxidize, resulting in the failure of the transformer.

Mechanical impurities generally refer to particulate matter. During the normal operation of the transformer, metal impurities will also be generated due to the wear of metal parts. Mechanical impurities will not only affect the service life of the transformer oil but also reduce the insulation performance of the transformer. At the same time, impurities attached to the transformer will also affect the heat dissipation of the transformer, causing the transformer to overheat and fail, causing a series of safety accidents.

The increase of impurities in transformer oil will seriously affect the performance and service life of the transformer. Therefore, the purity of the transformer oil must be guaranteed during the installation and operation of the transformer, which is also the top priority in the transformer maintenance work. In the purification process of transformer oil, the vacuum oil filtration process will play an increasingly important role.

Filter the impurities in the transformer oil to ensure the normal operation of the transformer.

Transformer oil will undergo a series of chemical reactions during the operation of the transformer, producing some impurities or gases that are not conducive to the operation of the transformer. The vacuum oil filter can filter these gases or impurities.

The vacuum oil filtration process can filter the transformer oil, so as to purify the transformer oil and ensure the normal operation of the transformer.

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