What is BDV Test of Transformer Oil?

I believe many people have heard of the BDV test of transformer oil. This article will comprehensively introduce the knowledge about transformer oil BDV test from various perspectives. First, we need to understand what is BDV value of transformer oil.

What is BDV Value of Transformer Oil?

What is the Function of Transformer Oil?

Transformer oil has three main functions:

1. Insulation: Transformer oil has a much higher dielectric strength than air. Dip the insulating material in transformer oil to increase the dielectric strength and protect it from moisture.

2. Heat dissipation: Transformer oil is often used as a coolant. The heat generated during the operation of the transformer causes the oil close to the iron core and the winding to expand and rise, and the heat is dissipated through the radiator through the upper and lower convection of the oil. The oil circulation cools the windings and core, improving the operating conditions, and thus ensuring the normal operation of the transformer.

3. Arc extinguishing effect: Transformer oil also has an arc extinguishing effect. Transformer oil is often in motion in power equipment. When an arc is caused by a certain fault in the transformer, it can accelerate the extinguishing of the arc.

For example, on the oil circuit breaker and the on-load voltage regulating switch of the transformer, an arc will be generated when the contacts are switched. Because the transformer oil has good thermal conductivity, and under the high temperature of the arc, it can touch a large amount of gas and generate a large pressure, thereby improving the arc extinguishing performance of the medium and making the arc extinguish quickly.

What is BDV of Transformer Oil?

BDV refers to breakdown voltage. When a voltage is applied to the transformer oil, as the voltage increases, the current through the oil increases sharply, causing it to completely lose its inherent insulating properties and become a conductor. This phenomenon is called the breakdown of the insulating oil.

The critical voltage value when the insulating oil breaks down is called the breakdown voltage, and the electric field strength at this time, called the dielectric strength of the oil, indicates the ability of the insulating oil to resist the electric field.

What is BDV Test of Transformer Oil?

The BDV test of transformer oil is a breakdown voltage test used to check the dielectric strength of transformer oil. Dielectric strength refers to the maximum ability to withstand the voltage of the insulating oil. This test shows the dielectric strength of transformer oil.

What are the precautions for BDV test?

When conducting the BDV test, place the oil sample of the transformer in the sample bottle. When removing oil samples from the transformer, the sample vials should be rinsed thoroughly with transformer oil and the oil in the vials should be properly drained to prevent atmospheric moisture from entering the sample oil.

Transformer oil bdv tester

IEC Standard Transformer Oil BDV Tester-YUNENG

The transformer oil BDV tester produced by YUNENG is based on the requirements of the international GB507-86 “Determination of the Dielectric Strength of Transformer Oil” and the international IEC-156. And it is a fully automatic device for testing the breakdown voltage of transformer oil developed based on user feedback.

Transformer oil bdv tester produced by YUNENG

What are the Characteristics of the IEC Standard Transformer Oil BDV Tester?

1. The transformer oil BDV tester is based on the single chip microcomputer, and adopts the method of “setting first and then testing”.

2. The transformer oil BDV tester is easy to use and easy to operate. The whole process is controlled by the automatic microcomputer. Strong anti-interference ability and high test accuracy.

3. The instrument has an automatic detection function. The output is automatically printed by a small TPU-A panel printer.

4. The test time, stirring, and residence time can all be changed according to the user’s requirements. Sound control and light control remind printing status.

5. The instrument uses a fully automatic magnetic vibrator for stirring to eliminate the proportion imbalance and air bubbles of the oil sample.

6. The transformer oil BDV tester is small in size and light in weight, which is very convenient for outdoor use.

Transformer oil bdv tester

What are the Available Transformer Oil BDV Tester Models?

  • YN-HYG-A transformer oil bdv tester, 0 to 80kV
  • YN-HYG-100 bdv test of transformer oil, 0 to 100kV

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