What is the Difference Between Vacuum Oil Purifier, Coalescing Oil Purifier and Vacuum Coalescing Oil Purifier?

Both vacuum oil purifier and coalescing and dehydration oil purifier are used to filter or purify the oil. In terms of technical principles and functions, there are certain differences between the two oil purifiers, and there are overlaps. Since both can achieve filtration dehydration, they are often confused. The difference between vacuum oil purifier, coalescing oil purifier, and vacuum coalescing oil purifier will be introduced below.

1. The suitable oil products for the two oil purifiers are different.

Vacuum oil purifier: It is suitable for the situation where the water contained in the oil needs to be removed with good effects, such as transformer oil. Due to the environment in which it is used, it is required that the moisture in the transformer oil is low and the insulation performance is good.

Therefore, you can choose a single-stage vacuum oil filter for those with less water content. If you have a little more water, you can choose a double stage vacuum transformer oil purifier, and the effect will be better.

Coalescing and dehydration oil purifier: it is suitable for light oil products, such as  diesel oil and other types of lubrication oil which contains lots of water,such as turbine oil

In terms of impurity interception, it belongs to precision filtration. The dehydration treatment relies on the coalescing filter element and the separation filter element to demulsify and separate the dissolved water and free water. This type of equipment can be dehydrated and filtered without any heating device.

Coalescing vacuum oil purifier: Coalescing vacuum oil filter is usually used in the field of turbine oil. When dealing with turbine oil, it is a combination of vacuum filtration and coalescence separation to achieve the best results.

This type of equipment has a heating device and is applicable to a wider range than the coalescing and separating dehydration oil filter. Applied to the purification treatment of hydraulic oil, medium and low viscosity lubricating oil, gear oil, gasoline engine oil, diesel engine oil, compressor oil, refrigeration oil, anti-wear oil, etc.

2. The working principles of the two oil purifiers are different

The working principle of the coalescing oil purifier:

1. The oil first enters the coarse filter system, and the large particles of impurities are removed to protect the oil pump from damage.

2. Then the oil is pumped into the secondary filter system, and after being treated, it enters the coalescing filter element in the coalescing chamber. Due to the unique polar molecular structure of the coalescing filter material, the free water and emulsified water in the oil coalesce into larger water droplets after passing through the filter, and sink into the water storage tank under the action of gravity. Under the action of inertia, the fine water molecules accompany the oil to the separation filter element. The separation filter element is made of special hydrophobic material. When the oil passes through, the fine water molecules are blocked from the outside of the filter element, and finally, settle in the water storage tank at the lower part of the coalescing chamber due to gravity to be discharged.

3. After the oil is dehydrated, it enters the fine filter system to ensure that the cleanliness of the incoming oil reaches the standard.

Working principle of the vacuum oil purifier:

The to-be-purified oil enters into primary filter through the oil inlet valve under the negative pressure. The big impurities is filtered out and then the oil is transferred to heaters for heating up to the certain temperature by using the automatic constant-temperature digit-display controller. After then the oil is transferred into the double-stage vacuum degassing chamber.

The hot oil is burst and atomizing through the atomization injector, so it forms the oil film step by step with a great extended area in the double high efficient separation tower.

The water and gas in the oil is vaporized in extremely short time under high vacuum status, which leads to the separation of oil from water and gas.

 The separated vapor and harmful gases enter into the condenser and become water which can be discharged from the machine after a certain time. 

The extracted oil is then pumped by the special oil delivery pump and transferred through the fine filter to remove the mechanical particles in the oil.  

The oil characteristics will be improved and meet the requirements after circulating filtration.

Working principle of coalescing vacuum oil purifier:

Combining “coalescence technology” and “vacuum technology”, it can not only filter water quickly but also use the vacuum to filter trace water deeply.

DYJC Vacuum Coalescing Oil purifier

vacuum coalescing oil purifier

The vacuum coalescing oil purifier is produced by YUNENG. It can use the vacuum system alone, or only use the coalescing dehydration system for online filtration, and can also enable vacuum separation and coalescence dehydration separation at the same time. It is suitable for dehydration treatment of oil products with water content below 2%.

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JT series coalescence and dehydration oil purifier

coalescing and dehydration oil purifier

The coalescing and dehydration oil purifier is produced by YUNENG, which is optimized and designed by configuring the coalescing filter element and the dehydration filter element according to a certain ratio. Suitable for light oil, turbine oil, lubricating oil, etc. with a kinematic viscosity of less than 46m㎡/s.

ZJA series double-stage vacuum transformer oil purifier

double-stage vacuum oil purifier

This double-stage vacuum oil purifier is produced by YUNENG, with a high working vacuum, fast oil filtering speed, and oil quality protection. It is suitable for the purification treatment of ≤500KV electric power oil. There are fixed closed types or trailer mobile types, suitable for various scenarios.

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YUNENG is an expert in the manufacture of oil filtration machines and can solve problems related to the use of oil filter machines for you. If you are not sure how to choose an oil filter, you can contact YUNENG, and we can provide you with suitable technical solutions and price solutions.

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