What is the Purification Process of the Transformer Oil Purification System?

Various pollutants, such as sludge, moisture, solid particles, gases, etc., are generated in the continuous operation of the transformer over time.

Without purification, contaminants will always accumulate in the transformer oil. Water, solid particles, bacteria, sludge, etc. will change the viscosity and chemical composition of the oil, causing the transformer oil to deteriorate gradually.

Should We Choose New Oil or Purify the Used Transformer Oil?

An ideal solution is to drain and purify your transformer oil. The reasons can refer to the following aspects:

1. First of all, the cost of new oil is high.

2. And new oil is not necessarily clean. The new oil obtained from the oil tank looks clean, but in fact, it contains contaminants that need to be filtered before reuse.

Therefore, after the transformer oil is aged or polluted. It is best for us to purify the used transformer oil.

Using the Transformer Oil Purification System, We Can Solve the Following Problems:

transformer oil purification system
  • Dehydration

The moisture in the transformer oil will reduce the breakdown voltage of the oil, affect the dielectric loss factor, catalyze the oxidation of the oil, endanger the physical and chemical properties of the oil, and accelerate the aging of the oil.

The main effect of moisture in transformer oil is permanent damage to paper insulation and, in extreme cases, dielectric failure. YUNENG’s transformer oil purification system will reduce the moisture content in transformer oil and windings.

  • Degassed

Transformer oil needs to be degassed regularly during use because the dielectric properties of the oil will be affected by gas and moisture under different temperature conditions.

  • Filter impurities

The oil passes through the primary filter and the fine filter, which can filter the impurities in the oil to the greatest extent.

Below we will introduce the specific process of dehydration and degassing of the transformer oil purification system. Dehydration and degassing in the transformer oil purification system of YUNENG are completed at the same time.

What is the Process of Dehydration and Degassing of Transformer Oil?

The process of transformer oil degassing and degassing is mainly:

1. Raise the oil temperature to about 60 degrees through the heating device.

2. The oil enters the vacuum separator through the primary filter. Using the cavitation principle in the vacuum separator, the contact area of the oil in the vacuum separator is enlarged hundreds of times the original. The cavitation system increases the oil evaporation surface area, which greatly increases the oil travel in the vacuum system and the static water evaporation area.

3. After the water and gas discharged from the vacuum separator are cooled and dehumidified by the cooling system many times, they are discharged into the air by the vacuum pump or collected by the water collector for discharge.

4. The dry oil after vacuum vaporization and dehydration in the vacuum separator is raised from negative pressure to positive pressure by the oil transfer pump. After fine filtration, clean oil is discharged from the oil outlet to complete the entire oil purification process.

Features and Advantages of YUNENG Transformer Oil Purification System

transformer oil purification system

1. It is suitable for oil treatment when installing and overhauling large transformers, and vacuum oiling and circulating drying of transformers.

2. Mainly used for oil of ≤500KV electricity. If you want to carry out ultra-high voltage oil treatment, YUNENG also has special ZJA series ultra-high voltage oil treatment equipment for you to choose from.

3. The transformer oil purification system is innovatively designed based on the advanced technology of similar products at home and abroad and has excellent cost performance.

4. The equipment performance is at the leading level in the industry. It has the advantages of a high working vacuum, fast oil filtering, and oil protection.

5. You can choose a fixed closed type or a trailer mobile type according to the use situation. You can also choose open or closed according to indoor or outdoor. In short, products can be designed according to specific needs.

In addition to transformer oil purifiers, YUNENG also produces lubricating oil purifiers, dry air generators, transformer evacuation systems, and more. You can also contact YUNENG to customize products according to your specific needs.

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