What is Vacuum Pump System for Evacuating Transformers?

This article will introduce vacuum pumps, the role of vacuum transformer evacuation machines, why to use vacuum transformer evacuation machines, and introduce YUNENG’s vacuum transformer evacuation system.

Transformer vacuum pump

What is a Vacuum?

A vacuum system refers to a state of dilute gas below the atmospheric pressure in the area.

The degree of vacuum refers to the degree of dilution of the gas in a vacuum state. Usually expressed as “high vacuum” and “low vacuum.” High vacuum means “good” vacuum, and low vacuum means “poor” vacuum.

What is a Vacuum Pump?

A vacuum pump refers to a device or equipment that uses mechanical, physical, chemical, or physical-chemical methods to evacuate the pumped container to obtain a vacuum. That is, a vacuum pump is a device that uses various methods to improve, generate and maintain a vacuum in an enclosed space.

What is Vacuum Pump System for Evacuating Transformers?

The role of the vacuum pump system for evacuating transformers is mainly used for vacuum drying of large power transformers and vacuum pumping during vacuum oil filling.

Vacuum Drying and Vacuum Oiling

Transformer Vacuum Drying

We know that a large amount of insulating material is installed inside the transformer. Once the transformer material is damp or water enters, the insulating performance of the insulating material will be reduced, which will not only expand the insulating material but also affect the geometric size. Moreover, it will have a serious impact on the normal operation of the transformer, affect the service life of the transformer, and even cause safety accidents.

Due to the material of the transformer, during the installation and transportation of the transformer, it is easily affected by the environment, which causes the transformer to be damp. We will take some effective drying methods to ensure the safe operation of the transformer. Transformer vacuum drying not only plays an irreplaceable role in the transformer manufacturing process but also is an important part of the maintenance after the transformer enters the water.

Transformer Vacuum Oiling

Reasons for vacuum oiling of transformers

1. In order to effectively expel the air bubbles in the transformer oil;

2. Improve the insulation level of the transformer;

3. When the potential difference between turns of the coil is large, prevent the occurrence of air bubbles from causing breakdown between turns.

Large transformers generally have higher voltage and larger capacity, and the internal structure of the transformer is also more complicated. During normal oil filling, in order to eliminate the gas during the oil filling process, vacuuming is a more effective measure. Therefore, for large transformers, vacuum oiling is required.

Therefore, we can use a transformer vacuum extraction machine with a vacuum pump to achieve the purpose of vacuum drying and vacuum oiling.

Precautions When Vacuuming

1. When the environment is relatively bad, such as rain, snow, and heavy fog, vacuum oil injection should not be carried out to prevent the transformer from being damp.

2. Operators should be trained, and after passing the assessment, they should be familiar with construction drawings, technical data, and construction site conditions before they can work.

3. When the transformer is evacuated, since the different components in the transformer have different requirements for the degree of vacuum, it should be strictly implemented according to the technical data of the manufacturer. Prevents accessories such as capsules, oil pillows, or heat sinks from being able to withstand full vacuum, resulting in rupture, air leakage, or severe deformation. For old equipment and accessories that cannot be fully vacuumed, such as an oil conservator, heat sink, or on-load switching oil chamber, the valve should be closed to take isolation measures.

4. If you want to supplement different grades of transformer oil, you must do a mixed oil test first, and then you can use it after passing the test.

5. When the transformer is evacuated, the vacuum gauge should be installed on the upper part of the transformer body. When reading, the vacuum should be stopped, and accurate data can be displayed after the residual pressure inside the fuel tank is stable.

Vacuum Transformer Evacuation System and Air Drying Machine

YUNENG Vacuum Transformer Evacuation System

Objects of Vacuum Pump System for Evacuating Transformer

The vacuum pump system for evacuating transformers is used for large power transformers of 220KV, 500KV, ±800KV, and 1000KV.

Basic Introduction to Vacuum Transformer Evacuation System

The main vacuum pump adopts imported top brands. The working vacuum can reach 10Pa. The ultimate vacuum can reach 1Pa. The GIS interface can be reserved according to customer requirements, and the vacuum can be set intelligently. It has the advantages of quick start, fast pumping, stable performance, simple operation, and so on.


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