Single-stage oil purifiers vs Double-stage vacuum oil purifiers

What is a single-stage vacuum oil purification machine?

1. Applications

The design goal of a single-stage vacuum oil purification machine is mainly used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, and other industries to purify and filter moisture and impurities in transformer oil, turbine oil, insulating oil, hydraulic oil, switch oil, and other oils.

2. Features

The single-stage vacuum oil purifier can efficiently and quickly remove gas, water, water-soluble acid, alkali, and mechanical impurities in the oil. It can improve the quality of the deteriorated oil quickly to reach the usable standard or the corresponding new oil standard. Thus, the single-stage vacuum oil purification machine is an ideal piece of equipment for processing lubricating oil.

single-stage oil purifier

What is a double-stage vacuum oil purification machine?

1. Applications

Two-stage vacuum oil purifiers are widely used in various large-scale power transmission and substation equipment and national power departments, and perform rapid and deep purification of new oil, transformer oil, switch oil, and other insulating oils at the installation and maintenance sites of various large-scale transformer equipment. It can do vacuum hot oil circulation drying too.

2. Features

The double-stage vacuum oil purification machine has stronger performance and more diverse functions than the single-stage vacuum oil purifier. It has faster and more complete degassing, dehydration, and removal of mechanical impurities, etc., and has a higher degree of improvement in the ultimate pressure resistance value and moisture content value and gas content value of the oil.

In addition to the ordinary oil filtering function, the two-stage vacuum oil purifier can also use an independent vacuum source to perform vacuum drying and oil injection operations on the equipment to be treated. Due to its high pumping rate, it can make the environment inside the tank reach a high vacuum state. The vacuum state can keep the oil temperature unchanged during the treatment process, which is suitable for the need to vacuum the equipment itself at the maintenance or installation site. By using a double-stage vacuum oil purifier, the oil treatment time can greatly be shortened.

double-stage vacuum oil purification machine

How to choose, single-stage vacuum oil purifier or double-stage vacuum oil purifier?

By comparing the applications of the single-stage vacuum oil purifier and double-stage vacuum oil purifier, you’d better choose a single-stage vacuum oil purifier when you need an oil purifier to treat different lubrication oil in various industries. When you need an oil purifier to treat oil in various large-scale power transmission and transformation equipment, you’d better choose a double-stage vacuum oil purifier.

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6000LPH high vacuum transformer oil purifier machine

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