Basic Knowledge about Vacuum Oil Purifier

The vacuum oil purifier includes two types: single-stage vacuum oil purifiers and double-stage vacuum oil purifiers. At present, the double-stage vacuum oil purifier is widely used for oil purification treatment and vacuum hot oil circulation drying, when a variety of large transformer equipment is installed and maintained. It can also be used for transformer oil treatment in the main transformer box.

vacuum oil purifier

Advantages of vacuum oil purifier

  1. By using the double-stage vacuum oil filter to treat the oil, the value of the treated transformer insulating oil can be higher than the use standard of the new oil.
  2. Due to the advanced technology and innovative designs used for double-stage vacuum oil purification equipment oil, the treatment and equipment performance have reached the world leading level.
  3. Besides, the double-stage vacuum oil filter has the characteristics of high working vacuum, fast oil purification and high precision.

Working principle of two-stage vacuum oil purifier

The two-stage vacuum oil purifier is mainly based on the principles of decompression separation, precision filtration, molecular adsorption and vacuum drying. The oil to be treated passes through the primary filter and then enters the heater for heating. The heated oil passes through the secondary filter, enters the tertiary coalescing water separation filter and then enters the evaporation tank. The oil gas falls into the reaction tower, forming a three-dimensional, multi-layer evaporation structure in the tank. At the same time, the moisture and harmful gasses begin to evaporate. After a short period of circulation, the purpose of purification can be achieved.

The oil, cleaned of impurities, dehydrated, degassed and deacidified, passes through the precision filter under the action of the oil pump to pass through the next working cycle.

The water vapor and hot air separated from the vacuum separation chamber enter the condenser, and most of the water vapor condenses into water, which is stored in the water reservoir and discharged from the machine. After the hot air in the oil is cooled, it is discharged by the vacuum pump.

Seven kinds of Double-stage Vacuum Oil Purifier

  • Transformer Oil Dehydration Machine

This transformer oil dehydration machine is mainly used to handle new and old transformer oil containing moisture, gas, particles, impurities and acidic substances.

vacuum oil purifier
  • 3000LPH Transformer Oil Filtering Machine

3000LPH transformer oil purifier is a kind of mechanical equipment that filters solid impurities and moisture in oil, improves oil quality performance and increases transformer oil insulation strength.

vacuum oil purifier
  • 9000LPH Transformer Oil Purification System

9000LPH transformer oil purification system is specially designed for dehydration and degassing of transformer oil. Transformer oil purification is used in electronic products. The principle is simple, but the winding process of transformers has different requirements according to different use applications.

vacuum oil purifier

It is suitable for cleaning insulating oil used in power transmission and conversion equipment above 380V to remove moisture, gas and mechanical impurities.

vacuum oil purifier
  • 18000LPH Transformer Oil Purification Machine

It is made of the highest quality accessories. It can improve the speed of oil cleaning because it can quickly remove the water and impurities in the old transformer oil.

vacuum oil purifier

It is an integrated oil filter with comprehensive functions because it is easy to carry everywhere.

vacuum oil purifier

It can improve the oil performance of transmission and transformation projects between 66KV and 500KV and quickly remove traces of moisture, gas, and so on.

vacuum oil purifier
  • Applications of Double-stage Vacuum Oil Purifier

It is used for the maintenance and safe operation of power supply systems and substations in power plants, electric power plants, power utilities, substations, metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, transportation, railroads, and other industries. It can also be used for vacuum oiling, vacuum drying and hot oil circulation of transformers. In addition, it is advantageous to use this model series in high-altitude areas.

applications pf vacuum oil purifier

In summary, the article is to help you learn more about double-stage vacuum oil purifiers. Although there are many vacuum oil purifiers, you can choose a suitable vacuum oil purifier by knowing its advantages, applications, the working principle, and other factors.

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