SF6 Gas Reclaiming Machine

YUNENG SF6 gas reclaiming machine can be used to suck, liquefy and store SF6 gas from the insulating equipment. The quality of the retrieved SF6 gas complies with the Chinese GB8905-88 standard. It is equipped with flexible pies and joints for retrieving, storing, and refilling processes. The SF6 gas reclamation device adopts advanced principles and technologies of foreign companies, with advanced design, complete functions, reasonable structure, and simple and clear operation.

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Why Should Many Customers Buy This Kind of SF6 Gas Reclaiming Machine:

  • The YUNENG SF6 gas reclamation device is advanced in design, complete in function, reasonable in structure, and simple in operation.
  • The compression system introduces a two-stage single-acting compressor with foreign compression technology. The compressor can directly compress SF6 gas into a liquid storage SF6 storage tank (or use auxiliary refrigeration compression storage) to achieve oil-free SF6 gas. Quick recycling.
  • The device uses a two-stage rotary vane vacuum pump with a fast vacuum rate and a return-to-return oil device in the system.
  • The recovery pressurization system adopts a single-stage rotary vane pump (diaphragm pump) to recover low residual pressure and high speed.
  • The machine adopts the principle filter of the American Pinel Company. The filter is increased by the built-in vacuum electric heating and the built-in high-efficiency adsorbent, and the purification effect is more remarkable (no need to change the adsorbent frequently).
  • The three-phase power supply of the electrical system of the device is automatically confirmed and adjusted.
  • The machine controls system adopts the latest patented SF6 special valve, which is more reliable than the similar foreign ball valve.
  • The storage system can be equipped with liquid storage tanks of various specifications according to the needs of users.
  • SF6 gas recovery unit adopts an air-cooled mobile type, which can be used without an external water source.

Parameters of SF6 Gas Reclamation Machine

TypeHigh pressure liquefaction, air cool, mobile
Working Environmental Temperature-10℃ ~ 40℃
RecoveryInitial pressure0.8
Final pressure (MPa)≤0.05
Time to recover 1m3 gas(h/m)≤0.5
FillingInitial pressure≤133
Final pressure (MPa)0.8
Time to recover 1m3 gas(h/m)≤0.5
Time for pumping vacuum from 0.1Mpa to 133Pa(h/m)≤1
Limit vacuum (Pa)≤10
Gas purity after recovery SF6 (50KGS)Water content(PPM/V)≤60
Oil content (PPM/W)≤5
Storing TankStorage methodLiquid gas
Pressure (MPa)≤5.0
Volume (L)300
Liquid volume(Kg)280
Liquefaction methodHigh pressure liquefaction
Vaporization methodHeating with electricity
Dry filter regenerationVacuum heating re-activated 
Power380V 50Hz 3 Phase 4 Wire (based on your requirement)
Overall dimensionmm1600*1000*1900 (including the storing tank)
1600*1000*1200 (without the storing tank)
Total power (KW)≤8

The machine size, weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

Detailed Images

SF6 Gas Reclaiming Machine
SF6 Gas Reclaiming Machine