SF6 Gas Recovery Plant

In response to the increasingly complex on-site environment, our company separates the functional parts of the recycling vehicle to realize the SF6 gas recovery plant, which is easy to carry, easy to transport, clear in function, and combinable.

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Features of SF6 Gas Recovery Plant:

The SF6 gas recovery plant serves those SF6 units and GIS composite units.

  1. The equipment can vacuum those SF6 units with GIS composite units and then fill SF6 gas.
  2. This kind of equipment can recover SF6 gas from these units, clean, compress and store SF6 gas in the storage tank.
  3. The machine consists of a recycling system, filling system, vacuum system, purification system, and storage system.
  4. The machine can perform vacuum and vacuum measurements of itself and other devices.
  5. You have a variety of SF6 gas treatment equipment to choose from.

Product Usage:

  1. The SF6 gas recovery plant can recover SF6 gas.
  2. The equipment can dry and purify recovered SF6 gas.
  3. The machine can be used as a device for filling SF6 gas.
  4. This kind of equipment is a device for storing SF6 gas.


TypeHigh pressure liquefaction, air cool, mobile
Working Environmental Temperature-10℃ ~ 40℃
RecoveryInitial pressure0.8
Final pressure (MPa)≤0.05
Time to recover 1m3 gas(h/m)≤0.5
FillingInitial pressure≤133
Final pressure (MPa)0.8
Time to recover 1m3 gas(h/m)≤0.5
Time for pumping vacuum from 0.1Mpa to 133Pa(h/m)≤1
Limit vacuum (Pa)≤10
Gas purity after recovery SF6 (50KGS)Water content(PPM/V)≤60
Oil content (PPM/W)≤5
Storing TankStorage methodLiquid gas
Pressure (MPa)≤5.0
Volume (L)300
Liquid volume(Kg)280
Liquefaction methodHigh pressure liquefaction
Vaporization methodHeating with electricity
Dry filter regenerationVacuum heating re-activated 
Power380V 50Hz 3 Phase 4 Wire (based on your requirement)
Overall dimensionmm1600*1000*1900 (including the storing tank)
1600*1000*1200 (without the storing tank)
Total power (KW)≤8

The machine size, weight will change slightly due to different configurations.

Detailed Images

SF6 Gas Recovery Plant
SF6 Gas Recovery Plant